Setting the Standard for Lithium Ion Batteries

Best lithium battery

Our project's goal is to show what the inside of our batteries really look like using a 12.8V 110Ah Platinum Series battery cells and battery management system (BMS) in a custom plastic casing. (which was really difficult to build without fracturing the casing so this is a one of a kind build)

These internals are standard as of our latest edition of batteries. Adding oversized wiring makes sure all of our lithium ion batteries are running at full efficiency, this will also drastically decrease the likelihood of any batteries running into performance problems later on.

This battery doesn't have our Grade A Certified Cells sticker because it would ruin the clear aesthetic of this one of a kind battery, but it does include all of the features that sticker represents, which are, that this battery is equipped with our Premium BMS and Cells. What "Premium BMS and Cells" actually mean is that we are using the best BMS boards and Cells the industry currently has to offer which drives our batteries to be the best long lasting and most efficient LFP batteries on the market.

This project is meant to show the standard for our products, its also meant to show how we live up to our tagline "North America's Battery Innovator". As a company, we strive to keep innovating and offering products that are quality and different to the market.

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