Welcome to Lynac Lithium batteries, your ultimate destination for high-performance energy solutions. Our lithium ion batteries are equipped with premium Grade A certified cells and an oversized BMS (Battery Management System), guaranteeing maximum performance and safety.

With LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology, our batteries offer exceptional advantages over traditional AGM batteries. Experience the benefits of 1/2 the weight, 4x the power, 5x faster charging speed, and an impressive 10x longer life cycle. Say goodbye to the limitations of conventional batteries and embrace the remarkable potential of lithium technology. Browse through our extensive range of lithium batteries, carefully designed to cater to various categories and applications. Whether you're seeking reliable power for your RV, off-grid or solar setup, golf cart, e-bike, marine, automotive, auxiliary systems, or any other energy needs, we have the perfect solution for you.

Trust in our commitment to quality and performance as you upgrade to the power of lithium. Benefit from reduced weight, increased power density, extended runtime, and faster charging. Our lithium batteries provide the reliability, longevity, and performance you demand for your energy storage requirements.

LFP Batteries

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