Lynac Intel Bluetooth App

Our advanced Bluetooth app designed exclusively for seamless connectivity with Lynac Lithium Bluetooth products. With a host of powerful features, Lynac Intel Plus provides unparalleled control and monitoring capabilities for your batteries.

Monitor Your Batteries

Adjust BMS Parameters

Kill-Switch Functionality

Comprehensive Battery Information


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Jacob Foutz

My name is Jacob Foutz. I am a former Carhartt College Bassmaster National Champion, as well as, Bracket Champion, and Bassmaster Classic Qualifier. Current Bassmaster Elite Series Angler. I want to utilize my platform to sho...

Pat Schlapper

My name is Pat Schlapper. I grew up in northern Wisconsin and have been obsessed with fishing for as long as I can remember. It started with panfish, walleye, pike, musky and trout. In seventh grade I met a friend who got me introduced to tournament bass fishing. I quickly bec...

Travis Manson

I was born and raised in Northeastern Wisconsin.  I have been actively involved in fishing for all my life. I fished on the Bassmaster Elite Series, the highest level of tournament bass fishing.  Since my participation in the Elites Series, I hav...

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Ben Melo

Ben Melo


These batteries are incredible!! The first thing you’ll notice is the weight. 3 of their 60ah batteries weigh less than 1 of the group 31 batteries I was using. The power in these batteries seem to be endless. I’ve used them on everything from small back lakes to the big water of Lake Ontario to fighting the rushing current in the St. Lawrence river. I’m usually on the water for 8–14 hours a day, and I’m pretty heavy on the trolling motor pedal when out prefishing. I’ve never been able to run them dead despite my best effort. I could probably fish for 2-3 days or more on a single charge and not worry about them leaving me stranded. If you only have a few hours between outings, and you want to top off your batteries, that’s not a problem either. Just plug in your charger and within a few short hours your batteries will be full and you're ready to go. Anyone thinking about upgrading their old lead acid or AGM batteries will not be disappointed with Lynac Lithium batteries.