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Lynac Intel Plus App Review

By Lynac Lithium / 16 November 2022

What is Lynac Intel Plus? Lynac Intel Plus is an advanced Bluetooth app designed to connect to Lynac Lithium Bluetooth products. This App provides Advanced Monitoring features, as well as Adjustable BMS Parameters, and a Kill-Switch for Charging and Discharging. We have another version of this app called Lynac Intel that connects to our older … Read more

About the 25.6V 100Ah True Series Battery

By Lynac Lithium / 21 October 2022

Quick Links What is True Series? What can a 25.6V 100Ah battery be used for? What does our Bluetooth & Heating Options offer? What does our App offer? Charging a 25.6V 100Ah Battery What makes our 25.6V 100Ah True Series Battery Different from competitors? What is True Series? Our True Series Batteries offer exactly 100Ah … Read more

Monitoring State of Charge

By Lynac Lithium / 23 September 2022

The Voltage of quality LFP batteries will remain very consistently high and steady throughout the entire discharge phase. This is one of the many major advantages over Lead batteries of all types but it can cause misunderstandings when attempting to monitor State of Charge using old meters. Most old meters only reference Voltage to estimate the remaining Charge … Read more

Setting the Standard for Lithium Ion Batteries

By Lynac Lithium / 25 January 2022

Our project’s goal is to show what the inside of our batteries really look like using a 12.8V 110Ah Platinum Series battery cells and battery management system (BMS) in a custom plastic casing. (which was really difficult to build without fracturing the casing so this is a one of a kind build) These internals are … Read more

Advantages of Converting your Golf Cart to Lithium Power

By Lynac Lithium / 26 October 2021

To see our selection of Golf Cart Batteries head over to our Golf Cart Section in our store! Weight Savings Lynac Lithium LFP batteries offer significant weight savings compared to any AGM battery counterpart. These weight savings will significantly increase your cart’s overall performance, range, and acceleration. The comparison image shows how just one of … Read more

Our Platinum Series

By Lynac Lithium / 15 October 2021

Our Platinum Series is our only batteries with custom aluminum casing and full battery customization so you can design specifically what you want. Customized options available include: Canbus, RS485, and RS232 communication ports. For Monitoring ports, you have the options of LED State of Charge Indicator, Bluetooth, and LCD Monitor, and the additional option to … Read more

How to add a Monitor to a 36V or 48V System

By Lynac Lithium / 23 September 2021

36V System In the image provided we show how to add a monitor to your 36V LFP system. Start out connecting your negative wire to the output to the P- side of the shunt, you will then connect the B- side of the shunt to your 36V LFP battery from there you will connect a … Read more

Difference between a Series and Parallel

By Lynac Lithium / 23 September 2021

In this image, we show you what the difference is between a series and a parallel setup. The Parallel setup means that the voltage will stay the same but the AMP Hour will increase by however much the battery added is, in this case, all the batteries in this example are 12.8V 60Ah so the Parallel system … Read more

Charging 36V & 48V LFP batteries with a single bank charger

By Lynac Lithium / 23 September 2021

Note: If you do not know the difference between a Series and a Parallel setup check out our blog talking about them here. Charging a single 36V LFP Battery Charging a single 36V LFP battery is very simple, all you need to do is put the M8 ring connector that you receive with your Lynac … Read more

Solar Tower Green Initiative with our LFP batteries

By Lynac Lithium / 2 September 2021

Solar Tower Green Initiative with our LFP batteries We have been honored to help make the SLT-6 Solar Light Tower at the Kicking Horse Canyon construction site in BC using our 12.8V 100Ah Low-Temperature Batteries. This tower operates year-round and is powered by 100% renewable energy. It’s being used to illuminate the site at night … Read more