The Power of Lynac Lithium


If each Lynac Lithium Technology battery product does not sufficiently meet the outlined performance specifications, a full refund is to be given once the product is returned, inspected, and proven faulty.

Seller assumes a 3-year manufacturer's warranty followed by a 4-year prorated warranty totaling 7 years.
Each product must be registered and proven to be used and maintained according to the recommended operational and maintenance parameters that are to be agreed upon at the time of installation.

Exception: Solarwalls assumes a 5-year manufacturer's warranty followed by a 5-year prorated warranty totaling 10 years.

Lynac Batteries make a difference!

Over this last year, I have continuously pushed my equipment to the limits! Fishing both the Mighty St.John river for smallmouth and the Miramichi River for Striped bass. Both rivers seeing many days with 4-5  mile an hour currents. It was a surprising pleasure when I realized I had no loss of power for my Gramin force trolling motor because of my Lynac lithium batteries! Spot lock in heavy current for 7 hours – no issues at all. I watch my competition dragging anchors as they tried to stay on fish.

Thank you Lynac ! I can’t recommend these enough – Game changer

-- Jeff



Lightweight, powerful and stable. Feel safe motoring ahead with high energy density and super-fast charging capability.



Maximizing energy storage efficiency and deep cycling capability is key for any renewable energy system. Set and forget - reliable, maintenance-free with extra-long cycle life.



Safe, compact, and powerful. We know there is no space to waste on-board, weight savings sail a long way. Charge fast and go!

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