Solar Tower Green Initiative with our LFP batteries

SLT-6 Solar Light Tower

We have been honoured to help make the SLT-6 Solar Light Tower at the Kicking Horse Canyon construction site in BC using our 12.8V 100Ah Low-Temperature Batteries. This tower operates year-round and is powered by 100% renewable energy. It’s being used to illuminate the site at night and improve upon the diesel power generation of traditional light towers – reducing GHG emissions by 25-35 tonnes of CO2 annually. Solar light towers save on fuel consumption, operator costs and help to protect the environment.

It is great to have the opportunity to work with these companies on this project Aecon, Group Inc, SEI Logistics, and Finning.

For more information about this project check out the Aecon Group Press release here: https://www.aecon.com/press-room

SLT-6 Solar Light Tower Lynac Batteries