How to add a Monitor to a 36V or 48V System

Adding a monitor to your battery

36V System

In the image provided we show how to add a monitor to your 36V LFP system.

Start out connecting your negative wire to the output to the P- side of the shunt, you will then connect the B- side of the shunt to your 36V LFP battery from there you will connect a wire from the positive of the battery to the small B+ screw on the shunt.

Add the positive wire to the positive post on the battery then connect the monitor to the shunt using the monitor connection cable provided.

48V System

Adding a monitor to the 48V LFP system is exactly the same as how you would add one to the 36V LFP system.

The image provided is an example of how you would do so.

Adding a Monitor to a 36/48V LFP System

In this example, I will show you how to add a monitor to a series.

You will follow the same steps in attaching all the batteries in a series except you will put the last battery negative output through the shunt B- and then from the shunt P- to output. The B+ wire will go to the positive of the first battery in the series, the positive output will also go to the first battery in the series, and the monitor cable will just plug into the shunt port.

This example shows a 48V LFP system but the same would apply to a 36V LFP system.

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