Our Platinum Series

110Ah Premium Battery

Our Platinum Series is our only batteries with custom aluminum casing and full battery customization so you can design specifically what you want.

Customized options available include: Canbus, RS485, and RS232 communication ports.

For Monitoring ports, you have the options of LED State of Charge Indicator, Bluetooth, and LCD Monitor, and the additional option to add Internal Heating Pads.
These are our most premium batteries, we currently have 2 different types of Platinum Series batteries which are: 12.8V 110Ah, 12.8V 150Ah.
These batteries are most popular with our Solar customers as well as, our RV customers but can be used in any type of application!
Let us know if there is a specific design you require and we can quote you a price for a custom-designed battery with our premium aluminum casings.

Assembling Platinum Series

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